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Kylee is a freelance multimedia producer based in Western Nebraska. Her work focuses on conservation, history, and wildlife in the High Plains. Kylee has developed six virtual programs for the Crane Trust, and she has built a substantial body of photo media about the Sandhill Crane Migration in Western and Central Nebraska. 


Kylee graduated from the University of Sydney with a PhD in Film and Digital Media in 2017. She returned to Nebraska to assist the Lewellen community with events that told the story of Ash Hollow and the Massacre of Blue Water. Since then, Kylee has photographed and documented the region's natural history and wildlife. In the past five years, Kylee developed six virtual programs, several short videos and numerous published photographs for the Crane Trust. She also received a commission from Platte Basin Timelapse to produce a story about cranes on the North Platte River entitled Cranes of Blue Water. Additionally, Kylee has built a substantial body of photo media about crane migration and the prairie habitats in Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming. 


For a snapshot of Kylee's work, please check out her resume. You can also contact Kylee directly through this site to plan speaking engagements, purchase her photography, hire her for multimedia assignments or plan a workshop in photography. 

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